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On our website you will find online broadcasts of more than five hundred radio stations, including Internet radio stations broadcasting exclusively online.

Advantages of online radio:

  • — Good broadcast quality and without interference (the broadcast quality of most of the presented radio stations is 128 Kbit/s or more, which is comparable to an MP3 disc)..

  • — Available to everyone and at any time, it is enough to have a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection..

  • — A large selection. On the site we have collected radio stations of various musical genres and directions..
  • Now you can test it...

    Catalog of Online Radio Stations

  • Masters of Hardcore Radio
  • sunshine live - Techno
  • Create an Internet radio station

    Station Name: Личное радио / Length: 15 h 46 m / Status: Online


    Description: To create an online broadcast, you do not need to buy expensive studio equipment. You need to register using the link. After registration, you need to choose a tariff. The minimum payment is only 1 euro... After payment, you will receive for personal use: hosting, auto DJ, website with audio player.

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